Our yearly fee is fully inclusive, with no additional costs.

Fees are expressed and paid in Polish zloty. The tuition fee for the Full Academic Year (from September till June) is PLN 25000. Pooh Corner’s academic yearly admission is divided into three terms or 10 monthly installments. The pre-school fee per term is PLN 8,300 or 2500 per month. A non-refundable registration fee of PLN 1,500 is required with the initial application. Children up to the age of three years may participate in Pooh Corner classes for half a day till 1.30 PM. In such cases regular tuition fee would be reduced by 20 percent, i.e. this fee would be PLN 6,640 per term or 2000 per month.

1 month (10 installments) 2500 PLN
1 term (3 installments) 2.5% discount 8130 PLN
1 year upfront 5% discount 23750 PLN

Pooh Corner is open during July and August for those who would like their children to attend. The cost for Summer School is the same as a regular daily payment, PLN 125.