About us

Playing is not just for fun – it is for life!

Pooh Corner begun as the vision of husband and wife: Karolina and Karl Moriggi. Their concept was a place for their son William to learn through play, amongst a happy family environment and in a natural setting, as close to nature as possible. Karl’s Norwegian upbringing and his Scandinavian love of nature are the heart and foundation of Pooh Corner. Karolina’s passion and the dream of a place that treats children with respect simultaneously nurturing and stimulating their abilities, created a second home for many of our students. As a result of these two philosophies Pooh Corner has become a place that leaves our children with two lasting gifts: roots and wings!

Headmaster of Pooh Corner is Marta Drążyk who was a long standing teacher from the beginnings. She is also a co-author of Pooh Corner’s unique teaching programme. She believes in sharing personal time with the children and supporting their individual development. At Pooh Corner learning is fun! Kids by nature love to learn and this is what we want to stimulate. If a child is not enjoying learning or studying, there is most likely a problem with the teacher or the method, not with the child.

Our enrolment age starts at 1.6 year old. Our children experience learning as play. We maintain our classes with no more than 12 children. Daily lessons are based around the British Curriculum, our students have a very good reputation within the schools they have chosen.

We want our children to enjoy every day at Pooh Corner, to learn to discover their natural abilities, their own values and personal interests. We believe the most important aspect of learning is putting experiences into words. Our children are experiencing new things every day and are later encouraged to discuss them. We strive hard to identify and stimulate each child’s individual talents on their terms. In order to successfully achieve this, we like to establish close relationships with the parents.
It is very important to us that our children do not feel pressurised to perform and that they know we love them for whom they are. Every child is special, and we make sure they feel it!

Our Pooh Corner teaching plans are linked to weekly themes, which are related to real-life. The themes range from the obvious such as spring, family and the city, to more advanced themes such as nutrition and the galaxy. All our daily activities such as art, music, dance, forest trips and stories are linked to each weekly theme.

Language and teachers

At Pooh Corner we speak only English. Necessary reading, writing and counting skills are introduced in a professional but fun way. Our Pooh Corner staff are as follows: Ross – a musician from New Zealand, Astghik – linguist from Armenia; Ricardo – an artist from Mexico, Mai – English teacher from Japan and future journalist Anne Marie from the United States. Supervising the realisation of curriculum and student’s development are three fully fluent English speaking teachers and pedagogues: Aneta, Estera and Lidia. Pooh Corner has over 15 years of experience working with preschool children. We have a qualified pedagogue and a pedagogue therapist. The teachers at Pooh Corner really enjoy being and working with children. The teacher’s passion and heart can be seen in the smiles of every child past and present.

Multicultural place

Pooh Corner recognises and has regard for the child’s religious persuasion also cultural and linguistic backgrounds, so that each child is valued as an individual. Our children will be helped to develop positive self-identity and to value and respect all cultural differences through our many resources and activities. Such as, celebrating festivals from different cultures, and working with parents to find out more about their heritage and own personal cultures.