Daily Routine

Educate the child with love

Children learn actively, imitating adults in their daily tasks,
exploring their environment, using natural materials (which have endless possibilities to become whatever their blossoming imaginations want them to become), making friends and learning new skills.

Every morning each child is warmly welcomed into the Pooh Corner playroom by the teachers and the day begins with:

Creative play – furniture, wooden toys, houses or dolls all become useful props to inspire. Chairs, for example, become a train, shop or restaurant. A puppet show may be performed, audiences entertained, tickets sold. In their play the children are able to recreate, learning from and playing out whatever they have seen or experienced. Tidy time is also an integral part of all the activities.

At Ring Time we sit in a circle, and through songs, body movements, poems, finger plays and ring time games, we greet each other and joyfully experience the seasons, animals and the people that make up our world. These repeated Ring Times aid the children’s memory as they sing, act and move each day in imitation of the teacher. Many of the songs become favourites and are later sung at home. Ring Time is where we begin exploring our weekly topics.

Our daily routine is based on the weekly activities plan as follows:

8:00 Gathering time, free play
8:30 Polish (for volunteers) / Philosophising / Doman Reading / Cooking lessons
9:00 Polish (for volunteers) / Philosophising / Doman Reading / Cooking lessons
9:30 Ring Time (our weekly program)
9:50 Plastics: everyday
10:15 Snack time
10:40 Reading & Writing: everyday
11:00 Garden time: everyday
11:00 Trip to the woods: once a week
12:00 Soup time for “little ones”
12:30 Soup time
13:00 Math: everyday
14:00 Story time/ Relaxation time
14:15 Hablamos Español/ Gymnastics / Art time / Sensory Dance
14:15 Sensory Room
15:00 Lunch time for “little ones”
15:15 Lunch time
15:45 – 17:30 Free play/Garden time

Bringing and collecting children
We are open from 8.00 am to 5.30 pm.
The children up to 3 years old can be collected at 1.30 pm.
The older children can be taken home from 3.45 pm.

Our program is especially suited for the needs of each child. We provide our kids with lots of individual attention. We want them to experience learning as a fun, enjoyable process. At Pooh Corner we try to create an environment with a homely atmosphere, allowing close warm working relationships to be formed with children. They develop independence, self-confidence, self-discipline and learn skills needed for further education. It is our aim to help children develop their own abilities and talents, to communicate effectively in English and to become sensitive to other cultures all over the world.