Learning by doing

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Children learn by doing, using their senses and exploring their social environment. Children learn from actively investigating the world around them.

A child learns best from first-hand experiences, experiences like storytelling, listening to another person, reading a book, looking at pictures, having a walk in the forest or painting with her/his hands. This hands-on learning is also encouraged with materials for drawing, writing, and construction. Commonly found materials such as cardboard boxes, paper toilet rolls and fabrics offer Pooh Corner?s children great opportunities to represent their ideas. Hardwood blocks and puzzles help our kids to understand simple laws of physics, building and manipulating objects. Playing on simple musical instruments or our live musical concerts are wonderful opportunities to teach our children to feel all sorts of sounds and rhythms. We spend a lot of time in the outdoors with regular forest walks twice a week, investigating nature throughout each season. Children do not learn as effectively when they are passive. Active engagement with things and ideas promotes mental activity that helps students retain new learning and integrate it with what they already know.